TIAMATH: D&D-themed math worksheets!

TIAMATH: D&D-themed math worksheets!

It started as 6th grade math.

I recently started helping my 6th grader with a little extra math homework. I noticed that all of his foundational skills were there, but that he needed some practice with his attention to detail. Things like reading the problem thoroughly, lining up his decimal points more deliberately, and writing his numbers more consistently were more of a problem than the conceptual math itself.

And then I got bored of writing straight forward math problems.

Instead, I started writing problems based on topics we both enjoy like Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons. (And poop for humor, per my wife’s suggestion.) After seeing some success with this style of problem composition, I decided to share it with the Dungeons & Dragons community on Facebook.

24 hours, 1,118 likes, and 232 comments later, I was inspired to share this homebrewed content and TIAMATH was born! Here’s the first edition. Avoid looking at the second (and fourth) page if you don’t want the answers spoiled.

TIAMATH demands you download and solve now!

I wanted a D&D feel to the document so I included a parchment background on pages 1 and 2. However, if you’re printing and don’t want the annoyance of printing backgrounds, print ONLY pages 3 and 4 instead! Download the PDF here.

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