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Hello, friends!

Nearly every weekend, I take my eldest son to Alpha Omega Hobby for our regular Dungeons & Dragons fix. Invariably, every encounter begins EXACTLY the same.

Our party’s wild magic blessed-and/or-afflicted sorceror greets every NPC with a completely open mind, devoid of any prejudice or preconception. Be it ancient hag or dwarven barkeep, be it mountain giant or undead skeleton, it’s ALWAYS the same. It seems only fitting that I open this blog with that same genuine joy of gaming. And so, I extend our sorceror’s most warmest greeting to you, my future devoted reader:

“Hello, friends!”

Here, I’ll post my exploration into game customization. Whether it’s hand-made specialty boards for 7 Wonders or Star Wars Legion miniatures painted with a Snake-Eyes-of-G.I.-Joe-like color scheme or off-color personalized Cards Against Humanity cards, I’ll share my triumphs and inevitable mistakes. Let’s have a laugh, O.D. on geeky pop-culture, and learn something cool along the way.

PLEASE come back when I have real content.