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Hero Forge custom miniature of my Way of the Four Elements Monk.

Hero Forge: Peer-pressured into custom D&D miniatures

“If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you?”

Well, no. But if my Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League party all bought Hero Forge custom miniatures then yes, I OBVIOUSLY would.

And I did. Our Dungeon Master at Alpha Omega Hobby had one created of himself (not in character). Then automagically, Hero Forge miniatures of our tiefling bard, human ranger, and wild magic sorcerer all appeared. Before I knew it, somehow I’d placed an order for a Way of the Four Elements wood elf monk and a Rogue Thief/Warlock Drow.

Someone must have inadvertently cast “Friendly Peer Pressure” in my general direction. Oops.

After several weeks of procrastination…

Motivated by a PM Dawn Stout (with cold brew coffee!) from Trillium Brewing and the freedom that accompanies Father’s Day, I broke out my supplies to paint Bomarr. Fortunately, I’d primed my miniature over a week ago and I’d also previously acquired the missing Citadel paint colors I needed to fulfill my vision.

And now a blow-by-blow account of everything I did.

If I don’t do this, I will absolutely forget the sequence of events and exact colors I used to achieve my final product. I’m sure this is TMI for some and just right for others. Here we go:

  1. Spray primed with Citadel Corax White.
  2. Painted Bomarr’s under robe in the front and visible pants with Citadel Sotek Green.
  3. Painted Bomarr’s boots, arm wraps, and lone visible sideburn with Citadel Mournfang Brown.
  4. Painted Bomarr’s face and fingers with Citadel Flayed One Flesh.
  5. Washed the under robe and remaining white parts of Bomarr with two coats of Citadel Coelia Greenshade.
  6. Realized that Bomarr’s arm wraps are more likely cloth than leather and repainted with Citadel Zandri Dust.
  7. Washed Bomarr’s arm wraps with Army Painter Light Tone.
  8. Washed Bomarr’s face and fingers with Army Painter Flesh Tone.
  9. Washed Bomarr’s boots with Army Painter Strong Tone.
  10. Dry brushed Bomarr’s arm wraps and boots with Citadel XV-88.
  11. Lined edges of Bomarr’s robe with Citadel Balthasar Gold.
  12. Dry brushed Bomarr’s robe with Citadel Screaming Bell.
  13. Dry brushed Bomarr’s robe again, this time with Citadel Sotek Green.
  14. Dry brushed gold edges with Citadel Balthasar Gold.
  15. Painted wood flooring with Citadel XV-88.
  16. Washed wood flooring with Army Painter Strong Tone.
  17. Washed candles with Army Painter Light Tone.
  18. Dry brushed floor and candles with Citadel XV-88.
  19. Touched up candle flames with Citadel Ceramic White.
  20. Painted candle flames with Citadel Sotek Green.
  21. Dry brushed candle flames with Citadel Ceramic White.
  22. Edged base with Citadel Mournfang Brown.
  23. Dry brushed base edge with Citadel Screaming Bell.


All of this was achievable with just the Army Painter Wargamer Most Wanted set of three brushes. The PK-Pro miniature grip was very nice to have, but not entirely necessary. This was the final result:

Hero Forge custom mini of a wood elf monk, fully painted with Citadel paints and Army Painter washes.

And yes, the Sotek Green candles are in homage to Acquisitions Incorporated.

Post-credit scene.

Brushes given a nice hot shower with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo.